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..the next step taken is to establish "42 - The Research Institute". We set it up with one very special, specified theme - the question of success and failure. Different experimental sessions let us circumnavigate or crash the limits of Transbabel. Random visitors of an art exhibition, as well as remote researchers can be connected via internet, and get involved into a series of settings, a series of trial and error. Experiments through images and sounds are implemented to find out more about the structure of communication processes, the reality and/or effect of social norms, the development of hierarchies, struggles for understanding/power and endeavours to create harmony.

There is a set of demonstrations planned by the team of the 42-experts.

One of these involves remote locations like 42s Amsterdam, Berlin and Ljubljana, as well as Barcelona, Tokyo and Karlsruhe. During live-sessions this can be followed in real-time via webcam on four locations, and be recalled later as archived, thus frozen, material again over the network/internet. During the remaining test-period some of the researchers participate actively, but most of the time the actors will seem to work by themselves. The main aim is to use the laboratory so the chance to meet the interesting processes cannot be predicted.

But is always possible.

The experimental setting supports different levels of communication: verbal discourse about the dealing with/handling of success and failure, methods for working non-verbally - the hidden layers beneath conciousness, reflection of working and environmental conditions on which they depend.

The Research Installation itself: The sound studio is connected to the internet. A continuously growing archive of sound-files provides the material for the different experimental settings. The 'produced' material remains available: by means of an automated process the archived files are fed from the internet into the 'space of action' as long as no researcher intervenes in the acoustic space.

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