Session Start: Sun Sep 12 20:42:24 1999
*** Now talking in #42
<moni> eijaho :)
<moni> lululu
<moni> woke up..;)
<moni> aba ihr seit wohl gerade beschaefitgt..
<reni> hi
<reni> hab grad die ra-files von gestern ftp-maessig in /ours/ gelegt
<moni> hi
<reni> heisst: 11.9.sounds
<moni> oh supa..
<reni> page muss ich noch schrebien :-)
<moni> hab hier soweit die scachen repariert..
<moni> werd gleich mal reinhoern..:)
<reni> he, spua
<reni> supa :-)
<moni> didumm..
<reni> hier sind jetzt eva, sol jogi und ich
<moni> not bad... party? ;))
<moni> wow, das sind aba viele ( sounds..)
<reni> ny ja, mal schaun...:-)
<reni> kata hat angerufen, ist am weg nach student
<reni> ca. 30 min her
<reni> viele kleine, manche wirklich einfach loops
<moni> na ich hol mal eon paar rueber und horch mal rein :)))
<reni> ok :-)
<moni> hast du die alle einzeln gespeichert oder hinterher auseinandergenommen?
<moni> ( weil, wenns ein file war, koenntest du das ja vielleicht einfach nochmal streamen ;)))))
<reni> einzeln gespeichert
<reni> ich habīs auf dat
<reni> kann ja das sreamen...:-)
<reni> sind halt auch viele lange pausen
*** thesix ( has joined #42
<reni> auch deswegen hab ich es "zerrissen"
<thesix> hello
<reni> hi
<moni> hi jogi :)
<thesix> hi reni moni
<moni> tscha ich weiss nicht, meinst du es macht sinn? sonst lad ich halt, is auch kein problem..
<moni> oder ihr koennt ja einfach ein mikro in eure runde halten dann kann ich hier nebenbei eure stimmen hoeren.:))
<reni> weiss nicht - mal schaun, was kata sagt..
* thesix is back from the dead. Gone 0 hrs 40 min 52 secs
<reni> ach stimme, ja das gine auch
<moni> :))
<reni> aber ich kann ja mal einfach das von egstern reinschameissen...:-)
<moni> sag einfach bescheid wenn irgendwas laeuft, und solange hoer ich die files die ich gerade runterlade...
<reni> ok, moment
<reni> ok muesst schon gehn: pnm://
<reni> dazwischen ist halt echt soundmaessig nix
*** sol (solways@ has joined #42
<reni> ich muss noch mal anders verkablen
<reni> hi, sol!
<sol> hi reni
<sol> hi moooooniiiii!
<reni> hi all :-)
<reni> deutsch?
<moni> hi sooooooooooooooooool
<moni> :)
<moni> so den link hab ich und ich hoer auch was :))))))) feinfeinfein
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Session Start: Sun Sep 12 21:40:43 1999
*** Now talking in #42
<moni> iho:)
<kata> hi moni
<reni> hi!
<johnnyG> hey moni
<kata> :-)
<moni> hi johnny :)))))
<moni> katakatakata
<kata> katakali
<sol> moni you got here! so we don not have to change?
<reni> sol sound...
<moni> where?
<johnnyG> The gang is all here
<kata> wow
<kata> industrial sol
<moni> ja, i didnt see that re-lab was disconnected, thougt you were just doing real-life-event..;)
<sol> late but good ;-(
*** thesix ( has joined #42
<reni> we,, that also, but we got kicked off later
<moni> :)
<thesix> how do you make a channel "invite only"?
<reni> as usual..:-)
<moni> so who is where now?
<thesix> anybody knows
<moni> just to get an idea..
<reni> schoergel: sol, eva, jogi and reni
<moni> its so strange this virtual space.
<kata> mzx: kata and john
<moni> iflugs:moni:)
<sol> john who?
<reni> and three machines for 4 people, = sometimes switsching
<reni> eheheh :-)
<moni> o sol, you don't know him??
<johnnyG> new kid on the block
<reni> pnm://
<sol> welcome,nice to meet you!
<kata> it's just a postman
<thesix> thank you
<kata> he didn't ring twice
<kata> but he's here
<johnnyG> the same sol
<reni> re-streaming yesterday and i sometimes re-loop us, because of pauses
<kata> john the post-man
<sol> email or snail?
<reni> and also for playing :-)
<johnnyG> telecom worker
<moni> :)))
<kata> reni, sol, i would like to listen to your material first
<sol> are you listening berlin and lj?
<sol> ok!
<kata> let me know please on what is what
<reni> yesterday: eva, sol and margit with sounds,
<kata> just to get an idea
<reni> now sol
<sol> we are allready on "air"
<kata> i know :9
<kata> :)
<kata> we are listening already for a while
<sol> :9 is this a smily smoking a pipe?
<reni> :-)
<kata> no, it's a smiley piping a smoke
<reni> ups feeback...
<sol> I tried to imagin...gulp..
<kata> is this some warning sound?
<sol> no its loops from a sound of mine
<reni> no, a "mistake" feedback...
<reni> a nice one :-)
<kata> yep
<reni> now original again...something with water
<sol> water
<sol> thats somebody puring something in some pot
<reni> ( i am aminly fillnig pauses from yesterday with some looping)
<reni> mainly
<sol> but its quicker than I remember it
<sol> as I rememer (sound better)
<reni> what sounds betetr?
<reni> better
<sol> the slower one, I suppose
<reni> some direct voice, but with low input..
<johnnyG> Lj> pnm://
<kata> reni, what should i write in addition to 42 to get to those sound files?
<reni> hm, you have to to it with ftp - no page written yet; .../ours/11.9.sounds
<reni> i try...
<kata> hey, don't bother...
<kata> i listen to what is now...
<kata> plenty anyway...
<reni> works ...then you get the index...
<kata> thanks dear .)
<kata> ojoj, one-eyed smiley
<kata> :)
<reni> sure...then yuo can also listen to the "single" aprts as separat files...
<reni> parts
<moni> hey john, there is no file under that adress..
<kata> okidoki
<moni> reni, are you now looping "life" or is it from yesterday??
<reni> re-streaming yesterday plus loops from me now
<moni> :))
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<sol> the high hohohhehe is evas voice, from yesterday
<johnnyG> hmmm
<reni> very meditative
* thesix is back from the dead. Gone 0 hrs 1 min 59 secs
<reni> it was - among other things - the try to get the soud of a mobil into it...
<reni> oh, i am looking forward to mixing during the performances :-)
<johnnyG> pnm://
<sol> it sounds quit crowded a zoo and trainstation...
<reni> ah, super, just a second....
<johnnyG> that should be it
<sol> reni said it comes from the loops of the stream yesterday
<reni> reni has to switch off everything for a moment
<sol> I propose to listen to some seperat soundfiles for five minutes and than change city
<johnnyG> science fiction
<reni> fantasy :-)
<sol> science science
*** reni is now known as eva
<eva> btw: this was eva
<sol> what??
<moni> hi eva :)
<eva> now you are supposed to hear something...
<eva> sounds
<eva> hi moni!
<kata> yes, some question in echo
<sol> oh, I cannot hear anything but I sit two meters away!!!!
<eva> better come in, sol
* sol goes to eva
<moni> buffering..
<kata> is this also from yesterday?
<eva> here the lj.pnm does not work...
<eva> cant get it
<kata> oh
<eva> mayb again the rate?
<kata> it seems moni is gettinr it?
<kata> getting
<moni> not anymore..
<moni> i switched inbetween to graz again and now its gonbe..
<moni> gone
<kata> so, try now
*** kata has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<moni> sounds like party in graz, looped party..;))
<moni> ok i try..
<eva> no - happyness because the mic pronbelm was solved :-)
<eva> problem
<moni> :))))
<moni> hm, lj seems zto have line-problems...
<moni> somewhere on the way..
<eva> no we seem to face trouble because of encoder and player at the same
*** bortu (meeme@ has joined #42
*** bortu is now known as kata
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<sol> I really love to make the technical things by myself than I always leran something new (for me new)
<moni> what kind of trouble?
<eva> ok, so we stop streaming and listen to you...
<moni> :))
<sol> I chose the line in for my mic first
<sol> than I switched to mic in..
<kata> listen to whom?
<moni> wait, normaly it is possible to send and receive with one machine
<moni> maybe i can make remote-help??
<eva> kata we have you!
<eva> we here you!
<johnnyG> yeeha
<eva> great sound
<sol> this lovely voice!!! kiss to kata
*** eva is now known as renix
<renix> hi, john!
<renix> very good sound - wow
<johnnyG> heyoo
<moni> auja!!
*** renix is now known as eva
<thesix> good to hear you again, kata :)
<moni> john playing..:)
<eva> we lost you!!!
<eva> help!!!
<sol> dear kata I just ran in to the room to rebi and hugged the boxes, hope its ok:-)))
<eva> great, hear you again
<sol> here she is agian
<eva> you sound perfect!
<sol> what mic do you use in lj???
<eva> big successssss#1
<eva> love it
<sol> didnt get it, can you tipe what kind of mic?
<eva> good socialist quality
<sol> can you bring it to graz?
<sol> can you describe your kind of sounds?
<sol> kata: if you wnat to try it plug it directly...
<sol> but it definitly sounds very good here
<eva> we are fascinated
<sol> now you kata are not loud enough, the sound is louder
<sol> so its kind of hard to follow you
<eva> now you are loud enough
<sol> maybe you tipe alittle
<sol> whow!!!
<eva> too loud!
<sol> now i can understand good
<sol> kata good voice for radio
<thesix> sol good koffer ;)
<sol> "we try harder"
<eva> like your songs
<eva> soooo erotic!
<sol> its my motto for my english darling
<sol> I feel like in a meditationschool
<eva> hypnosis
<sol> yeah! phuu..I had enough ceremonies for today
<sol> rama or shiva?
<eva> pleeeaaaseee
<sol> hyperfentilizeing allready
<eva> drifting away
<sol> snoring?
<eva> dangerous!
<eva> stoppppittttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
<eva> try to fade out the cd and continue yoga!
<eva> we need your breathing
<moni> super, sounds like storm at the sea..:)
<eva> thanx!
<sol> "country roads" please..
<eva> supa!!!!
<thesix> sounds like storm in the dessert now :)
<moni> :))
<eva> storms in the desert
<sol> gurgeling
<sol> thats srom, yeah!
* thesix is back from the dead. Gone 0 hrs 13 min 11 secs
<moni> i prefer the sea also for imagination ;)
<sol> storm
<eva> i love the deserts
<moni> too dry.
<eva> ... well, usually itīs not so noisy there
<sol> or the thing they suck blood a hospital
<moni> oh, you never heeard singing sanddunes?
<eva> hope, they survive this
<eva> yeah, i remember this kind of noise
<eva> unbelievable!
<moni> :))
<sol> supaa
<eva> where did you learn this?
<johnnyG> (:
<sol> in india
<sol> :0
<eva> would be a nice workshop
<kata> :)
<eva> desertstorm-workshop
<eva> on the sea :-)
<sol> that how they look like &0
<sol> airplanish
<sol> wind wihile going downhill...with some bike
<sol> bussi
<sol> whow I d like to see these faces!
<moni> :)))))))
<eva> my dog gets nervous!
<eva> no desert-dog
<moni> wow, a radoi-movie..:)
<moni> radio
<moni> listenplay
<moni> ooohhh would like to be there now..
<moni> :))
<moni> telepathy
<moni> ;)
<moni> no smell..
<moni> :(
<moni> auja!!!!!
<moni> this is great idea!
<moni> :)
<eva> very efficient way to get high
<eva> we need about a minute to start streaming
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*** eva is now known as renix
* thesix is back from the dead. Gone 0 hrs 0 min 4 secs
<renix> pnm://
<renix> is lj
<renix> we have to switch machines
<renix> deladies
<moni> :)
<sol> iloveit!
<sol> two sec deladies
<moni> :))))
<renix> ok, if i am right you shoudl hear yurselfs now on our stream
<sol> oh AIIIII LOOOVVEE YOUUUU lalalaliiilalalalaloooo
<renix> pnm://
<moni> this was perfect jingle!!!!!!
<johnnyG> glorrious
<moni> :)
<renix> ok, thanks - this was cable checking
<moni> fat cable..very loud..
<johnnyG> hear you reni
<moni> oh reni :))
*** kata has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<moni> sounds like if you caught a cold..
<moni> hm, now it seems kata doesnt mix graz in anymore..
<moni> to whom should i listen??
<moni> til now rs..
*** bortu (meeme@ has joined #42
<moni> should i switch??
*** bortu is now known as kata
<moni> aloha :)
<moni> ah, now, but its very not loud, whats in english..
<moni> silent
<renix> moni, listen to graz
<renix> i try to loop lj
<moni> ok, fine :)
<renix> moni, can you heaer us all?
<moni> it buffers..
<moni> moment..
<moni> jahupp!!!!
<moni> :))
<moni> :)
<moni> but nice cadavre..;)
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<renix> empire of confusion
<moni> trying to get the soundcard of the server running
<moni> hiwi is only 100mhz..
<johnnyG> moni??
<moni> mopment..
<moni> gleich..
<johnnyG> umpa
<moni> ahem, soon i mean ;)
<kata> so...
<kata> will you stream something more, graz?
<moni> so..
<moni> oh, train..:)
<moni> john, sorry..
<johnnyG> take your time
*** renix is now known as eva
<moni> ready..
<eva> one of the non-places
<johnnyG> i sent u an email
<moni> ja and i answered ;))
<eva> nice!
<johnnyG> ok
<moni> and there is a private channel in your chat..;)))
<kata> oh, this would go wonderfully also with my video!
<eva> sounds like some western movie train and bandits
<kata> aham, privatization
<johnnyG> pirate private
<moni> no, only off-topic..:)
<kata> :)))
<kata> no problem even if it's on-topic
<johnnyG> should I lay out for a while?
*** kata has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<moni> what program do you use?
<moni> for chat,...
<johnnyG> ircle
<moni> ah, there i dont know how it looks,
<johnnyG> kata is on the mac
<moni> but it should appear there sonmewhere..
<moni> its just to open from your side..
<moni> bui mean you
<johnnyG> which side
<moni> mirc?
<johnnyG> i am on the pc
<moni> ja
<moni> mirc for chat??
<johnnyG> on mirc yes
*** kata (emigraphia@ has joined #42
<moni> so look at your task-bar in the bottom
<johnnyG> ya
<moni> there should be status, 42 and moni
<moni> ?
<johnnyG> aha
<moni> :)))
<kata> is this all eva's sounds?
<johnnyG> ok I switch
<eva> not at all - this is solveig
<kata> ah
<moni> you can do it in parallel..
<eva> or just noise?
<kata> no problem
<kata> geez, what was that?
<eva> thatīs me yelling into the mic
<kata> ojoj, quite a capo sound!
<kata> :)
<eva> of course!
<kata> authoritarian eva
<kata> just keep talking, sweetie
<eva> has to be this way sometimes :-)
<moni> you all in graz sound like having a cold..:))
<kata> moni :)
<eva> bad mic again?
<eva> or just drunk
<kata> if you can say "cold" for that
<moni> :)
<eva> hmmm, maybe just sounds cold ... feels hot
<moni> closed nose is maybe more precise..;)
<eva> reni is not drunk :-)
<kata> nonono
<kata> you sound a bit fuzzy, but not as with a cold nose
<moni> ahh kata you turn around the words..
<moni> :)))
<kata> but you sound loud
<eva> thatīs our special effect :-))
<eva> we donīt hear much here - how about you?
<moni> i listen to graz and hear only graz - does kata send too?
<eva> where are you???
<eva> but you HEAR us, moni? we donīt hear ourselves
<moni> who?
<moni> :)
<moni> ja, i hear you, loud and closed noses :))
<eva> yeah, thatīs my special :-) still...we donīt hear it here...
<moni> hm.
<moni> strange
<moni> there came a loud pling now..
<moni> and now breath.. or mic-distorsion
<moni> nice
<eva> thanks for the description :-)))
<eva> frustrating to hear nothing
<moni> where is kata?
<kata> i'm here
<kata> :)
<eva> donīt know
<kata> talking on the phone
<kata> with marko
<eva> letīs listen
<kata> he sends greetings
<eva> thanx
<moni> greetinx back..:)
<eva> :-)
<kata> he might join the chat later
<moni> hey people, i could stream too.. only no material propared
<moni> preduced
<moni> oja fine
<eva> well, improvise!
<eva> breath :-)
<kata> what is this sound?
<eva> solīs record player
<moni> ok ui will listen to you and you mix me in ???
<johnnyG> stream moni stream
<moni> oh sol this is grreat.
<kata> yea, it could be a good beginning sound
<eva> which pnm do you have?
<kata> monistreamoni
<moni> mur/moni.ra
<moni> ja i coukld stream myself too.
<eva> do it!
<kata> moni, full pnm?
<moni> but then i dont hear you
<eva> not so good...
<moni> pnm://
<kata> thanks :)
<moni> ja
<moni> no i mean
<moni> or so..:)
<eva> we got you, moni!
<eva> shall we loop you for lj?
<moni> oh fine
<moni> as you like
<eva> we like
<johnnyG> we got moni
<moni> but i dontr have soo much to say from scretch
<kata> moni, we hear you?
<kata> !!!!
<moni> maybe
<eva> so sing
<moni> you can ask me
<kata> but a bit too loud
<moni> what you want to know from me
<eva> what is the reason of life and everything?
<moni> ozh
<moni> oh
<kata> oh, this is great, moni!
<moni> moment
<kata> because we can read the chat before the sound comkes in!
<kata> so, the words are on the screen...
<moni> this is now real multitasking
<moni> hm
<kata> and then thesound of your typing and telling...
<moni> ja but..
<kata> multi-kulti-tasking
<moni> this is description
<kata> moni, doyou have a cold too?
<moni> wehat about question?
<moni> s
<eva> just the nose closed
<moni> questions
<moni> no cold
<eva> can you hear reni?
<moni> conzentratione
<moni> reni ?
<moni> no
<moni> where??
<eva> reni wants to know more about your actual situation
<eva> we are streaming now again the material from yesterday
<kata> graz, areyou streaming now?
<eva> yes!
<eva> what do you hear?
<kata> we can't get you
<kata> the realplayer recognizes the location, but then doesn't connect
<eva> shit!
<kata> ok, now we haveyou
<johnnyG> I would like to also
<kata> it was because the enocder couldn't run at the same time with the player
<eva> just prepare the best
<eva> :-)
<kata> but with a full heart and head and soul
<eva> yeah, just bring your heart!
<eva> do you hear reni?
<kata> well, what about graz saying something?
<kata> no
<kata> no reni
<eva> reni is talking now
<eva> strange...
<kata> we hear her very low
<eva> ok
<kata> it's still low and muffled
<eva> she keeps trying
<eva> or i do it the authoritarian way again :-)
<kata> strange
<kata> this muffled effect
<kata> why?
<eva> moni, do you hear reni at all?
<moni> no
<kata> yes :)
<eva> so reni stops talking
<eva> and we write
<moni> hn
<moni> no..oooo..oo.o
<kata> we hear you, reni
<moni> before you were quite good with the sound.. what is the difference now?
<kata> just muffled
<moni> muffin
<kata> aha, now eva is clear
<kata> is this the mic in graz?
<kata> ok, the closed-nose night
<kata> and sore throats
<eva> we feel fine!
<kata> so do we
<kata> moni says "shit"
<eva> donīt :-)
<kata> got it
<kata> no yeah
<kata> reni
<moni> reni, this was expecially for you
<moni> :)
<kata> expecialreni
<eva> research for closed noses
<moni> ja
<kata> ljubljana hears both reni and moni
<moni> do you hear me ?
<kata> remoni
<kata> moreni
<moni> :)
<kata> we are not streaming now
<eva> yip
<moni> so, now..
<johnnyG> moni is loud and clear
<eva> whats this?
<kata> we are listening to both of your streams
<johnnyG> what that moni??
<kata> morse
<kata> monimorse
*** kata has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<eva> good thing - does it mean something?
<eva> have to go to bed soon
*** kata (emigraphia@ has joined #42
<kata> this stupid ircle expiring all the time
<eva> but itīs always nice to get you back
<kata> thanks dear :)
<kata> moni, did you say something to me?
<kata> sometimes i don't understand well
<moni> kata: what is the version of ircle?
<kata> aja,,,
<moni> can look for the serial..then
<kata> ircle 3.0b
<moni> ok
<kata> i think i'll just get some free chat program for mac
<kata> is that possible?
<kata> yes
<kata> now, silence
<kata> oh no moni
<kata> we put down your level
<kata> and we missed what you were saying
<kata> ok, now very good
<kata> next satyrday?
<eva> saturday nite fever
<kata> good suggestion
<kata> moni, could you type that address?
<kata> i think it would be good if all ofyou who have soundfiles on theweb send the addresses via mail
<kata> thanks moni :)
<moni> :)
<eva> i will have some kind of raw-material, some play-around ... just try to find out what works out
<kata> live sounds
<kata> live sounds
<eva> samples
<kata> examples
<eva> ex-samples :-)
<eva> both
<kata> i think it is really good to hear as much sounds ascan be pre-produced, andwrite about those that will becreated on thespot, and then we can think of some dramaturgy beforehand
<eva> i want to build some rhythm-patterns as well
<kata> because ut will be difficult to focus on everything in graz
<eva> of course!
<sol> my sounds are prepared...that means i have several soundfiles that I could use during the performance... I would like to make a schedule, when who is playing a ground rhytme and when who improvises on this ground rhytme
<kata> 2titititititititititititi
<kata> Ii just discovered this
<moni> :)))))
<eva> terrible colour!
<thesix> sooooooooooooooo nice
<eva> cant read a bit
<sol> how do you do this?
<eva> yeah, but not readable
<kata> Deva, stop being so critical all the time!
<eva> bastard!
<sol> here it is black letters on ligtblue, nice
<eva> i canīt read it, it makes me nervous!
<kata> eva bastard?
<eva> here its my favourite color, very shining blue - just not readable
<eva> you bastard
<kata> me no bastard
<kata> me listening to moni
<eva> me no bastard neither :-)
<kata> so no bastard around
<eva> tiny little bastards everywhere :-) hidden
<kata> i can't listen to both of you and stream
<eva> no more leaders!
<moni> eva, what would you propose?
<moni> (i dont want democracy, i want quality)
<eva> democratic quality
<moni> :)
<moni> ok, please tell..:))
<eva> everybody listens to whatever the others are doing,
<eva> react to this, take yourself back
<eva> like improvising in a band: sometimes one "instrument" is dominant, and then gives place to the other ones...
<eva> but as result of LISTENING
<eva> hmm, guess we should develop some kind of story
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<moni> its simply, that as long as we give ourselfes all freedom, its so hard to use it...
<moni> i mean we should take the freedom of decisions
<kata> i agree
<kata> i can suggest perhaps to use as a possible frame for dramaturgy the steps that lead from "success" to "failure" in the word-swing i sent some time ago
<eva> hm, at the moment too abstract for me. but i will think it over
<kata> those words can be just loose associations for a mood for that segment
<eva> bye!
<kata> and i will also look to find different words for the two cycles
<kata> ciao voices
<moni> microphone-holder :))))
<moni> ;)
<moni> lefthandtypuing
<moni> lefthandmicholdingrighthandtyoping
<moni> voicecontrolledchat
<moni> voicerecognition
<moni> texttospeechforthechat
<moni> ahem
<moni> sorry kata
<eva> tja!
<sol> whow
<eva> still da
<kata> no prob :)
<eva> so letīs concentrate
<sol> did we fix a time for saturday ?
<moni> ja, maybe it would be good if you make it a bit more concrete, with the word-swinfg i mean
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<moni> 8 pm
<moni> :)
<moni> ?
<sol> thanx
<renix> so, back to writing :-), eva sitting on my side
<kata> sure, it was just directly from owrd6.0.thesAURUS
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<moni> ok, fine
<moni> hi marko :)
<kata> word6.0
<kata> here is marko
<johnnyG> ahoy marko
<meeme> hey!
<sol> ok I go my dears! bye to everyone!
<meeme> hello to all...
<moni> ok sol, cu
<kata> where doyou go, sol?
<sol> to my nettle bed
<sol> dear
<meeme> where could i here you?
<kata> burn nicely, dear
<kata> inside
<sol> whow eva comes with me
<kata> we finished with streaming
<renix> hi, marko!
<moni> its over right now for the sound..
<meeme> hihi
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<meeme> so i whistle for myself...
<moni> :))
<johnnyG> da
<renix> and i will leave soon, as my friend is sitting an d waiting
<moni> can we listen to it ?
<renix> (and eva says: bye!)
<moni> say bye to eva..
<johnnyG> bye bye
<kata> wow, all disappearing!
<meeme> well, just to say high to all
<moni> a democratical one..
<kata> byeva
<kata> autocratic eva
<meeme> bye
<moni> hey wait
* thesix is back from the dead. Gone 1 hrs 36 min 8 secs
<renix> she is stil here...
<thesix> and soon gone :)
<johnnyG> now we can have a hEXPO meeting :)
<kata> jogi, where were you all the time?
<renix> nop
<renix> :-)
<moni> why to leave so soon
<thesix> in front of my computer :)
<kata> and your hands were tied? :)
<renix> (eva: nice dreams to everybody)
<thesix> working on other 42 stuff
<kata> nice dreams to eva
<moni> what did you do? (jogi?
<thesix> nice dreams to all of you ...
<moni> ok...
<thesix> till next sunday
<kata> i presumed so, just teasing you a bit
<moni> saturday
<kata> saturday!
<renix> satruday
<thesix> saturday!
<thesix> saturday!
<thesix> saturday!
<thesix> saturday!
<moni> :)
<renix> :-)
<thesix> saturday!
<kata> til next mails
<thesix> saturday!
<renix> hopala...
<thesix> sorry for confusion ... :)
<thesix> saturday!
<thesix> saturday!
<thesix> saturday!
<kata> hopalapupala
<thesix> saturday!
<thesix> saturday!
<moni> okok
<thesix> saturday!
<kata> day of saturn
<thesix> bybybybybybyby
<renix> :-)))))))))))))))
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