it was in graz
it was in february 1999

participants (WORKCOUNTRY)in order of nick:
caro (A); cloed/van (A/vietnam); cym (NL); kata (SLO); sol (A); margit (A); moni (D); reni (A); guest: ales (CZ)
fotos by (BiH/A)

a first real embrace a quickcam a first virtual embrace on a laptopscreen a second virtual embrace through a real scan of a real foto of a first virtual embrace on a laptopscreen a second real embrace: embrace your screen;

reni reads a song;

mirroring of eastereggs (lamps);

the cymsmile;

caro manipulates strings part I;

  ales modulates air in waves; projection;

excerpt of the 42-video: rainwave behind curtain;

renisong; katasong; preparation; play;

caro manipulates strings part II;

excerpt of the 42-video: <kata> here we have a flood;

cym explosions; cym looks (all lekker);

monis characters dance (jogi sees something);

a beer; a label; a curtain (again); a mirror;

margit films moni conducts;



sol; cloed/van;

look inside (green);

solsong; margitfilm;

sol and ales (is this katas hand);

ales and sol (this is katas hand);

the end;

cym's galaxies 
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